Cast Fishing Co Topwater Baits - The "2.OG"
The "2.OG"
The "2.OG"
The "2.OG"
The "2.OG"

The "2.OG"

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We're always seeking the most realistic-swimming swimbaits and glidebaits. So why don't we do the same with our topwater lures? Enter the CAST 2.OG, a topwater stickbait that truly mimics nature! Perfect for Spotted, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, the 2.OG produces a non-mechanical fleeing motion to trigger the most insane strikes from predators!

New for 2024, the CAST 2.OG now features a 3D embedded eyeball design, making it our most eye-catching topwater lure ever, elevating the finish of our flagship topwater lure, and making it far more appealing and realistic to big bass looking for a big meal!

Out-cast everyone and hit those easily spooked, highly pressured surface feeding Bass from a mile away with the 2.OG. Show them something new, every single time, with its non-mechanical motion meaning every retrieve will produce erratic S-kicks and bubble trails, make it jump out of the water and dive under the surface, and put the days of basic zig-zag walk-the-dog retrieves in the past. And when a Bass explodes on the 2.OG, have ultimate confidence in its ability to stand up to the biggest Bass you can find!
Have your best topwater season ever with the new CAST 2.OG.

Size: 20g
Length: 140mm
Terminals: BKK 'Sting' treble hooks [size 1/0]
Construction: Handmade timber with 1.5mm through-wire
Action: Floating