Cast Fishing Co Topwater Baits - The "OG"
The "OG" - 20g
The "OG" - 20g
The "OG" - 20g

The "OG" - 20g

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The 20g OG has been designed to have a subtle swim compared to its big brothers, the 30 and 40g OG. This subtle action allows for the 20g to be very effective in numerous situations on the water. The 20g is deadly even on Flat calm days! The OG produces a non mechanical fleeing motion with a bubble trail and S-kick on the retrieve. This motion truly mimics nature and triggers some of the most insane strikes from all predator species! 

The 20g is perfect for Spotted, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass whenever the topwater bite is on!

Action: Violent Dive with S Kick and bubble trail.
  • 140mm 20g Floating (comes pre-rigged with BKK terminals)
  • Handmade Timber Construction
  • 2.0 mm Through Wire (1.5mm on 60g and under)
  • NT POWER Belly Swivel 
  • Outstanding Finish