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Ocean Blend - HYDR8
Ocean Blend - HYDR8
Ocean Blend - HYDR8

Ocean Blend - HYDR8

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Do you want to feel more energetic, more focussed and push yourself for longer out on the water?

HYDR8 is formulated to increase endurance, replenish electrolytes lost from sweat and give hours of clean energy without the crash!  If you spend hours on or around the water or walking miles in the woods, this is what you've been looking for!


1. Zero Sugar

2. Clean energy that fuels you for longer without the crash

3. Its not a pre workout, so there's no jitters

4. Our Hydration formula includes one of the best electrolyte blends on the planet (Cell Charge TM). It's not just potassium and sodium.


20 Serves per tub.

Peep the science here.